2014 HOF voting

This is my first post so I’ll keep it short.

If you have a HOF ballot, you need to vote for at least 10 players every time.  I, personally, can name, easily, 15 players every year (since 2013) that I would put in.  Any number of votes less than 10 has (and is going to) severely damage any march towards 75%.

So far I’ve seen a lot of commentary on who the writers are voting for, but first things first, they need to be vilified for a ballot  with less than 10.  Then we can examine any highly-questionable choices they’re making.

In the past it’s been possible to hold a slot for and give a vote to a favorite, however obviously-undeserving, candidate.  I’m for this, but not during a time when there is such a backlog of truly worthy HOF-caliber players on the ballot.

That’s my 2¢.


Baseball Reference

Baseball Reference

First I used The Baseball Encyclopedia, then John Thorn’s Total Baseball, and now Baseball Reference, a masterpiece site built and maintained by masters, and followed by a few too. 😉